Unsurpassed Automotive Components in Record Time

Keeping up with the pace of innovation of the automotive industry requires a company that can create comprehensive control plans, gauge reliability within strict tolerances, and rapid repeatability. Preferred is able to meet all these needs with its technological experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly-trained staff, consistently creating a large volume of high quality parts at a price unmatched by the competition.

Preferred has been servicing the automotive industry since the company opened its doors in 1964. Since that time, Preferred has established itself as an expert in working with stainless steel, mild steel, brass, aluminum, titanium, and iconel, as well as in engineered laminated material for NVH purposes. Our years of working in the industry have allowed us to craft a precise approach to each product and process that less-experienced manufacturers cannot replicate.

Because no amount of experience can create your project without the right equipment, Preferred has invested heavily in a wealth of technology and machinery to bring your vision to life. We have a large assortment of presses, ranging from 20 ton secondary machines to 300 ton primary stamping presses. Our facilities are also able to work materials from as thin as 0.002 to 0.156.

Preferred’s die design department is equipped with a highly-customized version of AutoCad that greatly decreases the amount of time from concept to completed detailed component drawings. We can accept 2D files in .dwg and DXF formats, as well as solid models in the most common formats (.stp, .step, .prt, .sldprt, and .igs).

You understand how important it is to validate your design fit and function early in its life cycle. Our skilled engineers can handle all of your prototype needs, and will work with our expert toolmakers from your drawing to create your prototypes. Our lightning-quick turnaround time allows you to try multiple ideas in a short order to speed the manufacturing process.

We capitalize on our assurance department’s highly qualified staff with uncompromising standards to ensure that every part that leaves our plant is manufactured to strict APQP and PPAP requirements. Our technicians will work with your engineering team to establish a quality plan for each project to ensure your customers are always satisfied with their purchase.

Let us handle your production needs and experience how our team can help you cut costs and supercharge your production process.