Consumer Products to Drive Your Success

Preferred made a decision years ago to diversify its range of production, knowing that a broad range of experience can lead to breakthroughs. This base of knowledge allows Preferred to see problems in a different light and give its customers innovative solutions to vexing obstacles.

Preferred has taken this mindset into its creation of of hardware, construction tools, home and office products, and firearms. Our expert sales, engineering, fabrication, production, and quality assurance teams ensure that a broad knowledge base is brought to every project, giving our customers unsurpassed production value.

Whether your component requires tight dimensional control or strict cosmetic appearance standards, Preferred is able to provide you with innovative and cost effective solutions to your production dilemmas.

Drawing from our impressive portfolio of consumer products, combined with our strict quality standards, array of top-notch equipment, and expert craftsmen, Preferred is able to succeed where others have failed.

Let Preferred work with you to craft your vision and conquer your market or take you into new ones.