Preferred in the Electrical Industry

Succeeding in a global marketplace requires partnerships which combine uncompromising quality, reliability, and cost effectiveness. Many companies have outsourced tooling and stamping of their electrical parts to overseas companies, only to find costs driven up as quality and consistency suffer. Preferred Tool and Die creates tooling to last the lifetime of the project at prices that make you competitive in today’s market.

Preferred Tool and Die has decades of experience working with many grades of brass and copper alloys. Our engineering and development teams are experts at collaborating with clients to ensure electrical industry standard features and quality requirements are met, reducing waste, cost, and production time. We work closely with our customers’ product teams, guiding them through product design, using our expertise to avoid manufacturing issues that increase finished product cost. By engineering quality and economy into our components, we eliminate manufacturing and maintenance problems, increasing value and bringing down the lifetime cost and reducing redesigns and callbacks.

Stringent cosmetic requirements, intricate product features, and in-die tapping are no problem for our highly-trained production staff. Our facilities boast more than thirty-five power presses ranging from 22 to 300 tons, allowing us to create a wide range of intricate parts with tight tolerances.

When performance and durability are on the line, Preferred Tool and Die is second to none. Let Preferred build your next project and find out what our team can do for you.